United States History

10 Essential Topics

1.  Examine industrialization and its effects on society, economy, and political processes of the United States. Understand the impact technological changes have had and do have on America.

Determine how working conditions have changed for American workers. What role did the rise of big business, big, governments, and big labor play then and now?

3. Describe the impact immigrants have on America, including their struggles and successes.  Be able to debate how the United States should deal with the immigration issues of today.


4.      Analyze the impact federal, state, and local reforms/changes have had on America and be able to debate their benefits and drawbacks.


5.      Determine challenges faced by cities in the past and present.  Discover social and economic changes that have occurred in the past.


6.  Understand United States foreign policy is dictated by four factors: 
  • protect U.S. security
  • protect U.S. citizens
  • protect U.S. business (interests)
  • spread democracy  
    Summarize the role played by these four factors in each of our previous and present wars.

7.      Understand economic concepts including productivity, the market system, supply and demand, and the business cycle.  Determine what causes recessions/depressions and discuss ways of getting out of economic downturns.


8.      Summarize the role that the United States plays in the world today and the responsibilities that come with it. Understand the impact of globalization of American business and politics today.


9.      Understand how the power of people’s needs, values and beliefs in a democratic society can bring about changes in social and political issues.  What roles and action does a democratic society require from each of us?


10.  Explore the impact of increasing centralization of political and economic power by the federal government and its increasing involvements in everyday life of the American people.