Media Literacy - helpful resources for instruction about the validity of sources and to help students determine fact versus fiction
    • Factitious  - a game to test your sense of real versus fake news stories
    • NewseumED - activities, artifacts, and lessons to teach media literacy (requires sign up for some resources)
    • Red Feed Blue Feed - a Wall Street Journal split screen demonstration of ideological feeds in Facebook

Fact Checking
    • Politifact - a site that rates the accuracy/validity of statements made by elected officials and political pundits
    • FactCheck - a site aiming to reduce the deception and confusion within politics
    • OpenSecrets - a site that documents the flow of money in American politics 
    • Snopes - a site that provides fact checking from politics to pop culture

    • - an excellent source for pros and cons about controversial issues
    • EBSCOhost - a link to EBSCO and Explora databases for research
    • DOAJ - (Directory of Open Access Journals) provides full text of scholarly articles
    • Google Scholar - Google's search engine specifically for scholarly articles
    • Google News - Google's search that returns results from online news sources

Video Libraries

    • Frontline - VIDEO series that provides insight into some of our nation's and world's most complex problems
    • American Experience - VIDEO series that delves deep into American stories; people, places, periods, and events
    • NOVA - VIDEO series that explores science related topics; astronomy, physics, biology, anthropology, etc

Photo Libraries - licensed for reuse, so yes, you can legally use these amazing photos in your presentations...just check for citation instructions

News Sources
    • BBC - a British based news organization that provides a "non-American" perspective
    • Al Jazeera - an Arabic news outlet based in Qatar that provides a uniquely Middle Eastern perspective
    • Washington Post - a noted newspaper from our nation's capitol that reports on issues within the US capitol as well as the world
    • Politico - a more conservative website that focuses on American politics 
    • St. Louis Post Dispatch - the largest local newspaper reporting on our city, state, region, and nation
      • click Sign In in the top right corner of the page
      • use ntnewspaper as the username and password
      • click on the image of the newspaper to access a digital copy of the printed daily newspaper
      • use the navigation tools at the bottom and right of the "newspaper" 

    • Purdue Owl - a "go-to" site providing MLA and APA formatting and style guides

Genres - open to learn the distinction between fiction and nonfiction as well as the various fiction categories (genres) that we house in our school library