Genocide Research Project

Task:  Either on your own or with one partner you will complete a research overview of one case of genocide and build a presentation to share your findings.  Choose a topic from the LIST below that you will use as the focus for your project.  Use the SCORING GUIDE to help focus your research and build your presentation.

Create a Google Presentation shared with northsadler.

List:    Choose one of the following examples of genocide to be the focus of your project.
      • Armenian Genocide
      • Ukraine Genocide (Holodomor)
      • Rape of Nanking (genocide by Japan in China)
        • the place may also be spelled "Nanjing"
      • Bangladesh Genocide (aka East Pakistan Genocide)
      • Cambodia Genocide
      • Kurdish Genocide in Iraq (aka Anfal Campaign)
      • Bosnian Genocide
      • Darfur Genocide
Helpful vocabulary:

crimes against humanity - inhumane acts committed against civilians that constitute a serious attack on all human dignity

war crimes - serious violations of the international rules of war committed by members of the military, government, or irregular armed forces

Genocide Convention - meeting in 1948 among world leaders to define genocide and create punishments for those who commit genocide

Nuremberg Trials - court proceeding after WWII to put the organizers of the Holocaust on trial for their actions

Links:  Use the links below for specific slides in your presentation.
      • (slide 5)  Nuremburg Principles - examine Principle 6 / Principle VI
        • give at least one example for each part of the principle:  a, b, c
      • (slide 6)  Declaration of Human Rights  
        • give examples for violations of at least 3 human rights
        • the human rights are called Articles
      • (slide 7)  Options - use this link and the notes from "Intervene or NOT"
        • choose one option and defend your choice

Slides / Scoring Guide:  Be sure to complete the objective for each day in your notebook during the project!  

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