China Emerging

China...What should the US do?
  1. To begin this project, you will need to decide which tactic the US should use when dealing with China's economic, political, and military growth on the world stage.  To help you choose which tactic the US should employ, examine the detailed descriptions on a document titled "Options in Brief."  click here 

  2. The second step in this project is to examine some propaganda poster from China, Cuba, and the Soviet Union.  Browse the posters displayed on the website for the International Institute of Social History and compare them for the pictures and slogans seem to convey the message?  Choose one poster to use as a model that will help you design your own propaganda poster.

  3. Create a PowerPoint presentation using 4 slides to persuade Americans how the US should deal with China's growth on the the world stage.  Follow each slides instructions below.

Slide 1) – 25 points

·         Show the poster you chose as your model (5 pts)   

·         Explain in 3 sentences what its purpose was when it was made (10 pts)   

·         Describe in 3 sentences why you chose it as your model (10 pts) 




Slide 2) – 25 points

·         Create your propaganda poster in support of the tactic you chose   (15 pts)

·         Your poster should include images and some type of slogan or phrase                                           

·         The images and text that you include should express the tactic you chose (10 pts)                          




Slide 3) – 30 points

·         Explain in 4 sentences how your images support your tactic  (8 pts) 

·         Explain  in 4 sentences how your slogan supports your tactic (8 pts)

·         Explain how the US would use each of the following to carry out the tactic you chose

o   Businesses

o   Military

o   Tourists

o   Government relations             (14 pts)    




Slide 4) – 20 points

·         Sources:  you must use a minimum of 4 sources (2 pts each)

·         Explain what information came from each source (3 pts each)




Save to the Z drive (vault) so you can access from all computers in school

Print your PowerPoint as Handouts, 4 per page                      


click the images below to see the posters

go to soviet posters     go to cuban posters    go to chinese posters
Soviet posters            Cuban posters           Chinese posters
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